Getting All Mom Up In Here

I’m feeling very Super Mom today. In addition to handling the usual mom tasks that have to be done, I found enough time to finish two things I’ve been meaning to complete. The first was making homemade pesto with basil from my garden. I followed this recipe from Simply Recipes to make it. It was easy to make, and it even tastes delicious. This is quite the achievement for me because I am not a lady of the kitchen at all.

I am also not a lady of tidy organization, but today I finally organized Tuco’s changing table (why oh why did I buy a changing table and not a chest of drawers?). From the beginning it was a hodge podge of random baby items, and over the last four months, it has become a storage area for all things small enough to be thrown under it. Now it is a Zen-like storage area with a place for everything, and everything in its place. And I did it cheaply with Itso fabric bins from Target.

I should acknowledge that none of this never would have happened without the Exersaucer my sister-in-law gave us. It has given me the gift of being able to work on something for 30 minutes uninterrupted at a time. Tuco is very content hanging out in it, and he is now an expert at grabbing all the surrounding toys. I still have to shove a blanket in between him and the saucer to help keep him from slumping over, but he each day he seems to be getting better at standing in it. It really helps to not have to cram the whole to-do list in while he’s taking naps.

Ah, the sweet victory of getting things crossed off the to-do list. It doesn’t seem to happen often enough.


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