Tuco Has a Cut on His Head!

Tuco’s perfect baby skin has been blemished! See the huge gash on my little Tuco’s forehead? Ok, gash is a little extreme, but up close it does look deeper than just a light surface scratch. He did it with his fingernail, and I discovered it when he woke up from his nap. Poor little guy. I guess mommy should have toughened up and trimmed his nails sooner instead of just filing them. Yep, I should have cut his nails. With a nail clipper. A sharp, sharp nail clipper.

In my original post on this topic, I wrote a bona fide essay that could have been called A Detailed Play-by-Play on How I Cut Tuco’s Nails.  But no one cares about that. Instead, I would like to just say that it was terrifying!  Holding a little baby’s fingers up to a nail clipper and actually squeezing the clipper down is bloody scary. That’s right, it is bloody scary, and it is just the beginning of the parental fears to come. Looks like my ass is grass, and being a parent is the lawnmower.



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2 responses to “Tuco Has a Cut on His Head!

  1. Carla

    His first battle scar! Wait till he starts hanging from trees and jumping off of everything.

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