Tuco Tried To Eat, But Then He Cried

Tuco tried eating solid food for the first time. Though it doesn’t seem quite right to call it solid because this meal was just rice cereal flakes mixed with formula. The final prepared dish is just liquid with some lumps thrown in for texture. If it sounds gross that’s because it is gross.

At first Tuco was game. He seemed curious and excited to be sitting in a new chair. After dodging his grabby hands a couple times, I finally got the first spoonful in his mouth. Instantly his facial expression switched from a look of content to a look of bewildered discomfort. And then all the food fell out of his mouth and ran down his chin.

Tuco humored me with a few more mouth dribbles until he decided he couldn’t take it anymore. He started crying and all signs pointed to meltdown. Though it wasn’t very successful, it made for some great pictures. We’ll try again tomorrow.


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