Tuco is Five Months Old

Tuco turned five months old yesterday. It’s hard to believe the baby in the picture to the right is the same baby that Tuco is today.

Though I love the happy, smiling snapshots we’ve taken of Tuco, this picture is still my favorite. My husband took it just minutes after Tuco was born. I feel like the look on Tuco’s face expresses exactly how I was feeling at that moment: What just happened? What is going to happen? And though the details are too much for me to process right now, I know that my world has completely changed.

Tuco and I have come a long way since that picture was taken. In the last five months, we’ve become buddies. I can anticipate and understand his needs, and he can forgive me for making him take a nap.

He is in a fun stage right now. He’s doing something new every day, and smiles and laughs are abundant, which is my favorite part. I do look forward to his future development, when he can play games, ask me “why?” too many times, and give me a hug out of the blue (oh god, I have never wanted a hug more from anyone before). But with each milestone he reaches comes a twinge of nostalgia for newborn Tuco. Already I miss the cornsilk-like hairs that grew on the back of the head. I miss how he would sleep in his crib with his lips puckered and his tiny fists up by his round, Karl Pilkington head. I miss how he would make old man grunting sounds as he rooted on his little fingers when he was hungry. And most of all, I miss him falling asleep on me periodically with his legs in a frog position (see the picture to the left).

I suspect that these motherly longings for past phases will only get worse as Tuco gets older. If I’m this bad at five months, I bet I will be a wreck by the time he’s five years old.

Happy five-month birthday, m’boy.


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  1. Absolutely adorable baby! Congratulations! I enjoy your blog so much I’m now a follower. Please take a visit over at my sites and if you like them you’re welcome to follow them both as well…

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