For Now Tuco Shall Bring Us Together

Tuco turned 6 months old today, and it was a hard day for him at first; he had trouble sleeping, and he was unusually fussy.  It was a rainy day, and I think his demeanor was partly due to having a little cabin fever. I had this suspicion because I felt the same way.

We needed to get out, so I put him in his car seat and loaded him into the car. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I knew we had to go somewhere. I started driving towards a mall, but as I drove, Tuco whined and cried. Not wanting to be too far from home in case his fussiness was caused by a bug of some sort (and also because I’m not a big fan of malls or long car rides with a screaming baby), I turned the car and started driving away from the mall. We ended up close to our library, and I thought that would be a perfect place to take him. There would be enough activity to keep Tuco occupied, and I could browse the new books and pick up some picture books for him too.

I had Tuco strapped onto the front of my body in his baby carrier, so he could face outwards and see all the action. As I took a book off the shelf, a woman noticed him. I could practically feel the delight oozing from her heart as Tuco smiled and made his little Tuco sounds at her. Before long, the three of us were giggling together in the middle of the library’s stacks. We ended our chat, but Tuco continued to look the woman’s way and tried talking to her as I perused the books.

When I was ready to head on down to the children’s area, we walked by the woman’s table. We said one last goodbye, and an older gentleman came over to get a smile from Tuco too.  Now we were a group of four, and the three adults were helplessly hypnotized by Tuco’s charming ways.

Eventually we parted ways, and I finally picked up some books for Tuco. As I climbed the stairs to get to the check out desk, a passing boy, probably around 10 years old, got a smile from Tuco, and the boy said, “He’s so cute!”  I thanked him and shook Tuco’s arm at the boy to indicate a wave goodbye.

In the car ride home, I thought about these people I never would have interacted with if Tuco wasn’t there.  Being a little deprived of social interaction is probably part of it, but it felt really nice to meet new people in my community and share in something that made us all happy.  And Tuco must have needed a little heart warming too because he dropped his fussiness act once he had the chance to have a friendly chat with some new faces.

So happy 6-month birthday to Tuco, whose sweetness never ceases to amaze me. I wonder if people will be so quick to interact with this kiddo when he’s screaming “No!” at me and throwing his library books all over the place as he spazzes out over something like me insisting on tying his shoe. I know those days will come–I’m not completely blinded in this current honeymoon of parenthood.

Note: The second picture is by Rebecca Gizicki of Francis Marie Photography. Just one in series of fantastic Tuco portraits she shot.



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2 responses to “For Now Tuco Shall Bring Us Together

  1. Deb

    He IS a cutie! There is just something about a baby that brings the sweetness out of people. I’m from VB and stopping in to see you!

  2. Isabel

    ….thank you… : ) Loved sharing this moment with you.

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