Tuco’s Newest Tricks

Within a mere three days, we have noticed  some new developments in Tuco. A quick rundown for the archives:

1. Tuco is sprouting his two top front teeth. Somehow, these teeth buds have been materializing within his gums, and now they are ready to push through. It’s absolutely crazy that they are currently barely visible, but in a couple weeks, they will be bona fide teeth.  Then he will have his two front chompers and delight in the art of Cheerio-eating. And I will fall to my knees and weep as I mourn the sweet toothless smile he once had.

2. Tuco can clap his hands. Sometimes he does it randomly, but sometimes he does it when he sees another person clap. It’s so cool to see him imitate what he sees. For months I have not known if Tuco understands what I’m saying or doing, so it is incredible to see him start clapping when I clap.  It means synapses are connecting the neurons in his brain. Synapses. Connecting neurons. Neurons! In his brain. Am I the only one fascinated by this?

3. Tuco can wave. It’s more of a rotating of his hand as he raises his arm, but it’s definitely a wave. He waves at me when I come into a room,  and when we pass by my husband working in his office, Tuco waves at him. And I’m not sure why, but he also waves at the ceiling fan when he sees it turning.  Again, it’s a sign that he’s developing and it is delightful to see it happening before my eyes.

That’s all for now. You could say that I’m excited, and you’d be spot on in your description. I am in awe of actually witnessing these daily progressions. I hate to use the word amazing, but that’s what it is. It’s so much so that I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Tuco is developing  just as every book I’ve read on a baby’s first year says he should develop. Science has this stuff down to a, uh, science. (High five for that last line? Anyone?)

As a postscript I would also like to state that I am grateful, grateful, grateful to see these developments happening.


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