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Tuco’s First Day in the Snow

Yesterday was like spring, and today is full-on winter. Oh, the tough lessons Tuco has to learn about Chicagoland weather.  The good news is that Tuco officially knows what it’s like to be on a sled in the snow. When I first started pulling him around the yard, he had a why-would-you-do-this-to-me look on his face. But after a short while, he discovered all the fun there is to have while someone pulls him around in a winter wonderland.


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The Park In January

Because it was so warm outside today, we took Tuco to the park. Man, I can’t wait until spring and summer, when we can go there whenever we want. It’s been a couple months since we were there last, and it seemed like the park was a whole new world for Tuco. See how much he loved it? Also, check out all the teeth in this kid’s mouth. Ridiculous!

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