Tuco at Seven Months

I am two days late in writing my Tuco-is-seven-months-old post. On the 13th, we celebrated seven months by installing his new car seat because he is mammoth and has already outgrown his original one. Tuco and I also danced a jig around the living room to the Pogues‘ “Bottle of Smoke” that he enjoyed. It wasn’t the most child-friendly song though–if I had sung the song out loud to him, I would have had to pay $1.25 into the Al SwearenJar.

I have a few things to report about what Tuco is like at seven months old:

1.  Tuco loves looking out his bedroom window. I don’t know what he finds so exciting, but we stop at the window whenever we’re in his room. Every time his face lights up with the sweetest, most innocent sense of wonder. This look on Tuco’s face is my new favorite thing about him.

2.  Tuco is relentless in getting strangers to look at him. He stares at people as if to say, “Hello, I am here being cute and smiling at you.” If they don’t look at him, he starts making the sound “uh” and his gaze becomes more intent. If they still won’t look at him, he starts moving his arm up and down as he uhs. Ninety-nine percent of the time this tactic works. He seems to want to connect to these people so badly, and once he makes eye contact with them, his smile gets bigger, and that person is forced to smile back at him. Sometimes they even approach him to say hello. Tuco loves it when this happens.

3. Tuco has learned how to scream. His screams are not the dainty shrieks of yester-Tuco. These new screams are heavy duty. It’s like he’s screaming, “Look out, there’s a man in a mask with a machete!” He started doing this around the house, but now he’s taken up screaming in public. He has made me that parent you shoot annoyed looks at because I cannot keep my child from screaming whenever he wants.

There you go–my observations of Tuco at his current stage. All in all, he’s still the best. Not a bad way to spend seven months, if you ask me.


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