Baby in a Bath

I’ve been light on the blog entries because things have been busy, and Tuco has been good.  I just haven’t been able to come up with much that was blog worthy, but instead of letting this blog die like every other writing project I’ve ever started, I’ll keep it alive and post some pictures until the writer’s block clears. I know this is a lazy approach, but pictures of Tuco is more fun than a bunch of written malarkey, right?

Anyway, today’s pictures are from Tuco’s first bath in the bathtub without his baby bath. In other words, Tuco is sitting up in the bathtub by himself. He’s been sitting up in his baby bathtub for a while, but tonight was the first time he took a bath without it. This is a big deal. I mean, where once there was no room for a rubber ducky to float by, now there is a vast expanse (from Tuco’s perspective). He loved it.


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